Lots of Research

So the research is in, and there isn't much that is outside of the normal when it comes to representation of different geometrical entities. If everything is a go-ahead then I'll most likely be starting the design planning next week. Getting an early start because this summer is gonna be busy and plus, this stuff is pretty fun to play with. The last thing to do before design planning is reading through a few geometry books to see what I can pull from them. As a side note, if anyone has some links to geometry software that has source or implementation details readily available, links would be greatly appreciated! I actually just found out how to print the source of Maple functions (one's that are not built into the core) within Maple. I guess I'll be going through those tomorrow and seeing how Maple does things for some insight.

First cool thing of the summer is getting to bring math and Python together with the SoC. Second cool thing of the summer is that I get to do some CS research on the side, supervised by one of my favorite professors. This professor also mentioned that he's hoping that I can help him with a paper he's co-writing. If I can give a big enough contribution this could mean the first time I'll have a name attached to a publication. Good material for grad school!

Summer is great, but for now, getting some sleep is gonna be even greater!


Post Paint Boy said...

You've had a blog all along and I never knew? Daaamn... well, you have a new reader.

Congrats on the Summer of Code (v2.0)!

Gedge said...

Nope, I just started one up for the summer of code this year. I might consider continuing to use it after the SoC though!