Brownie Points

It seems I always do my best work late at night; I just finished off the Point class, all except for one method which depends on the Line class. I also have a test method created for the Point's methods. Tomorrow I'm hoping to [at least] get the Line class finished, along with its children (Ray and Segment). Monday I hope to finish the Ellipse and Circle classes. I'm hoping that things will move quickly and smoothly so that I can begin working on the different polygon classes also. Once I get all the simple functionality done I can start working on more complex things.

Tuesday marks the start of my research work, which for the first couple of weeks will simply be my supervisor teaching me some different complexity theories and how to work with them. Should be interesting, but I'm anxious to start getting into an actual research topic. I'm hoping that everything will run smoothly (i.e., that I understand things instead of struggling with them) so that my supervisor and I can get into a problem as soon as possible! I've been reading Computers and Intractability by Garey and Johnson to get up to speed on everything!

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