Some updates

I have a midterm on Wednesday, so I've been studying on and off for that this weekend and haven't gotten a whole lot done. I've added some more functionality to polygons (ex: checking convexity). The last thing I want to work on is the ability to fetch a dictionary of {point: angle} entries for a polygon. There'll be a lot of acos floating around, but there's really no other way about it. After I can get a couple of these things done then all I have left is committing the changes to the repository.

I've still been debating moving all of the is_*** (previously are_***) methods to, external of the classes. My only argument against this now is that if someone feels like importing particular things they would have to import the individual functions if they existed in instead of the classes. Because of this, I think I'm just going to keep it as is for now. This single, simple little thing has taken the most thought!

Updates: Interface Changes+Documentation

There hasn't been much out of me for a week, so I decided it was about time for an update. I was feeling a little under the weather all of last week (note that loss of appetite is now my least favorite symptom) and hence did not get a lot of work done, or at least not nearly as much as I was hoping to get done.

What did get done last week was some [very basic] documentation of the interface which, at least for now, exists on my website. I started work on changes to the interface also as suggested by comments on my Decisions, Decisions post (these changes which are yet to be reflected in the documentation). I have decided to go with the "is_" prefix and remove the static method decorators. Tomorrow I'm going to try once more to move all of these methods to an external location ( so that I get the best of many worlds (are_*** prefix, can potentially be used in a more general context, less bloated classes). If that fails I will keep things as they are and move on. At least removing the static methods has taken take care of one thing, and that is hiding the LinearEntity class.

Quick Update

I've looked into changing around the interface a bit, but I always ran into trouble so I've decided to leave things as they are and have begun writing some basic documentation. That's about all that has been happening for the past couple of weeks. Before this week is done I should have the documentation written and then will look into what to do after.