Beginnings: Summer of Code '07

This blog is dedicated to any developmental stuff that I am working on. Currently that is mostly limited to the Summer of Code '07 Geometry Module for SymPy.

There's not much to say right at the moment besides for my initial start at research, which can be found here. Overall, it has been difficult finding some generalized geometry software similar to what I'll be creating for SymPy, and even more difficult to find available implementation details. Considering this, I will probably begin work on a plan for the interfaces within the next couple of weeks. The number of options for representation of each geometrical entity is small, so it should be fine to just make what seems to be the obvious choice and play with it to see how everything runs.

My Database/A.I. exam is tomorrow, but after that I can get down and dirty with this stuff!


FSeoane said...

Hi Jason!

Good luck with your exam!

Brian said...


I definitely agree that we should coordinate our projects. One of the secondary goals of my project is to allow for other kinds of visualization in addition to function graphing. For example, I want to expose some kind of interface for drawing vectors and possibly other primitives. Can't wait to hear more about your project.