GSoC Update

It's been quite some time since I've had an update, so I felt like it is only due time to write a little something. There's been a lot of "off to the side" work. Preparations are currently under way to merge the research branch of SymPy with the actual trunk. This is a fair amount of work, and hence we're trying to coordinate everything so that things run smoothly. I have rewritten unit tests to be supported by py.test, but there is also the moving/updating of tests from the trunk and ensuring modules still work along with their tests. This whole merge will be my major task for the next little while.

I will be heading to WADS 2007, the Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures, during mid August. It is a conference that [sort of] deals with my current research area so I was advised to go. I'm doing so for not only that reason, but also because I would like to see if the academia lifestyle is the one for me. The conference looks to have some interesting papers, and I bet there will be some interesting people to meet.

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