End of July Update

Yet again, not much to update on. We're just beating away at the newly merged trunk and trying to fix up some issues before the 0.5 release. After that it'll just be more issue fixing. Considering this summer I've been taking a course on ordinary differential equations I may consider working on the facilities in SymPy that solve ODEs. Only one more month left to the summer but a lot has gotten done. I'm looking forward to it though, to see what state SymPy is in.

I'm also looking forward to school starting again. Ignoring work, this summer has been far from what I hoped it would be, but I'm probably partly to blame for that one. As for school, I'll be taking these courses:
  • Integration and Metric Spaces
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Combinatorial Analysis
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Complexity
I'm not looking forward to the first one, but the rest of them should be alright. Although it might be a bit of work, I expect Computer Graphics to be somewhat enjoyable, or as enjoyable as a school-related item can be! This year will be my last year of regular courses. I'm hoping to have another research award next Summer and then the Fall following it will be my honors thesis, and I have no idea what to do for that at the moment. So at the end of '08 I'll officially have my undergraduate degree from MUN: a joint major in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics.

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