Since it has been over a week since my last update, I figured I'd just leave a note so that everyone knows what's on the go with my SoC work. One thing I've been doing is profiling the code and making small modifications here and there to speed things up a tiny bit. Some things may be impossible to speed up since I use the simplest possible formulas and whatnot. I've also been looking at the interface, and have been considering how to improve its usability. I haven't came to too many decisions as of yet. I'm hoping that within the next week I can have those decisions made. I am fairly happy overall with the current interface, and think it's fairly simple to use. Once I get that finalized I'll start working on some documentation about the interface, and also a tutorial. I'm also going to go through the code and rewrite the docstrings so that they are a little more than the obvious.

I have been working though, fixing up some simple issues, mostly involving pretty printing. Got to have things print pretty though! I think eventually I may start looking into the match routines and see if I can make them more robust. That's about it for now!

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Ondrej Certik said...

You are doing a great job. Don't worry about the speed for now - it's because sympy itself is quite slow. We should be able to make sympy much faster and that would make your module faster as well.

If you need help with the match() routines, just ask.